The Lymphocyte MAP™




Key Features of The Lymphocyte MAP™

  1. Thirteen immunotypes uniquely designed to capture and highlight important immune trends revealed due to the comprehensive number of determinants and biomarkers tested.

  2. T-helper-1 or T-helper-2 Dominance (Immunotypes 6 and 7)
    Includes the Cyrex Fluorescence Activated Cell Test (FACT™), a breakthrough proprietary process, is used to classify Th1/Th2 balance, based on the specific clusters of differentiation (CD markers) on the surface membranes of Th1 or Th2 cells, and NOT on the measurement of Th1/Th2-associated cytokine levels in the blood, commonly used by other laboratories.

  3. T-helper-17 Dominance (Immunotype 9)
    Includes the Cyrex FACT™ , a proprietary process based on direct measurement of the CD markers on the surface membranes of the cells, and NOT by measuring IL-17 levels in the blood.These industry-changing features result in a more accurate picture of T-helper cell status than currently available on the market.
  4. The most comprehensive immunophenotyping panel offered on the market, creating the broadest picture of immune status.